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We strive to provide our clients with an unparalleled return for their Internet marketing investment, by developing perfect websites, Magento eCommerce systems and proven online marketing techniques. These techniques aim to generate the best results in search engines; to apply various way of marketing on your website.

eXpress Projects established in 2011, is one brand of Romano Projects Ltd, with offices in major international business hubs, such as China, Hong Kong, USA, Israel and soon Colombia. As a WFOE (Wholly Foreign Owned Enterprise in China), we help companies and organizations to get a bigger share in commercial internet markets.

Nowadays, it’s a must to succeed with an effective internet presence unless you’re truly competitive online, or you will be out. eXpress Projects, the leading website and eCommerce system marketing strategist, creates you with custom-developed websites, web-enabled applications, eCommerce solutions and all in the most cost-effective manner that collaborates with businesses worldwide.

eXpress Projects offers priority online services including website development, online marketing, website analytic, search engine optimization, technology integration and website content update. We help boost your bottom line and not your budget every single time whatever your online needs or requirements are.

A New Door Opens

With the recent rise of China as the dominant new capitalist state its growth domestically has resulted in more people with more disposable income, more liquid cash than ever before and western entrepreneurs have been eyeing up for quite some time. And it’s no surprise that the most viable way for westerners to trade in the Chinese market is selling online to the consumer masses – an area in which eXpress Projects is currently helping businesses to capitalize on with little effort.

It’s not so much Great Wall as more State Firewall in China – because online authorities do stop foreign entities from setting up online shop. We only help to establish independent websites in the market that adhere to Chinese rules, culture and marketing guidelines – and all to help optimize online trading opportunities for your complete operational success.

eXpress Projects is committed to the mission and goals that we will do everything to provide the best service and results at shortest time. eXpress Projects ensure you can feel us when you are willingly to talk with us.

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