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In 16th, October, 2014, the first E-business CTO was hold in Suzhou city. Jacky Wu, the PayPal business director of China area in keynote said with the develop of the domestic traditional brands and factories incoming the across-border e-commerce shows three characteristics of vertical oriented, localization and online to offline.

Cross-border E-commerce means the products sales to foreign ecommerce website, such as Alib aba.com, Lightinthebox and DH game.com, ect. Such kind of services can be traced back to 1999 to 2004, Alibaba, HC net.

However, in Jacky Wu eyes, these websites can only be considered as the earlier cross-border electricity supplier “0.5 generation”, what it can do is information search; match the supply-demand relationship; negotiation and finish the deal offline. All of these only half of the ecommerce. Ecommerce including information flow; logistics; capital flow and they only did information flow end of e-commerce. “

The Cross-border E-commerce Generation 2.0 from 2005 to 2012.With the marketing, payment logistic, financial infrastructure completed. There are many self-built and self-support ecommerce websites, the big sellers began to appear. Such as Taobao is a typical characteristic platform of this stage.

Since 2013, with the traditional brand and factory participate, the cross-border ecommerce entered Generation 3.0. Here are the features:

  1. Vertical integration, focus on a particular segments;
  2. Construction of storage facilities overseas and sales with local languages;
  3. Adapted to local consumer habits; Online and offline integration;
  4. Set up overseas service centers, marketing centers and physical stores;

According to incomplete statistics, the total amount of the domestic cross-board ecommerce marketing about 3 trillion yuan, about 10% of the total import-export trade. Jacky Wu predicted that the proportion can reach 20%; the growth rate is much higher than traditional e-commerce. Although it is not big enough.

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