Online Shopping Carnival In China|China eCommerce Website

According to report point out that the Chinese Shopping Carnival, Double 11, the total amount of T-mall is ¥571 billion, in which mobile online payment reach ¥243 billion, there are more than 200 countries join the shopping carnival.

Alibaba created a record in mobile business platform in a single day trading. In 2014, the volume of business in Ali mobile terminal reached ¥243 billion, which is the 4.54 times compare to last year, account for 42.6% of the volume of business this year.

Expect the ecommerce seller there is more than 300 department stores and 1000 restaurants join the shopping carnival in Double 11.

At 0:00 on the December 12th, the flags of 217 countries and areas were lightened. The USA, Japan, Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Germany became the most favorite export areas for Chinese seller.

From 2009 to 2014,Double 11 has spread from the entire ecommerce platform and from domestic to all over the world. Double 11 gradually become a global consumer shopping carnival.