Web Bank, weixin, webank the first private bank finished the first lending business

With the development of the eCommerce in China, the internet finance also has a good prospect.

In January 4th, 2015 Web Bank, the first private bank finished the first lending business. It is worth mentioning that Web Bank is a bank without sale network and clerk count, and if you want to make loan, you don’t need the property guarantees paper, the bank use software to recognize human faces and comprehensive data to credit rating loans. It means that Web Bank is not only the first private bank but also online bank in China. It means the internet finance of China move to a higher level.

The more interesting is when people visit their official website in computer; it will ask you to use Wechat to scan the QR code to see the content, we can see that maybe Webchat and its social relationship will be the most important platform and resource to We Bank in the future.