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In the next few months company begin to text the ads on those who tweet about movies.

The Hollywood Reporter reported that the Twitter is planning to test advertisement to fans talk about movies in network.

This program is similar to existing TV conversation targeting. It will give studios the chance to show their ads to people who is discussing  the characters or films. What’s more, the target also include people who show their interest in movies in general.

The data from Twitter shows that the conversations on Twitter have a huge influence on movie choice.

People are not only hearing about new movies from Twitter but also use to make decision about which one to watch and then share their feelings with friends.

Twitter’s new program is with the help Fizziology and  Networked Insights which will be tested in the next few months, two of  the Twitter Certified Partners provide analytical platforms for the entertainment industry clients.

We emailed Twitter for comment and will update if the company responds.

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