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If you think online marketing is only a tool for enterprise to propaganda, you underestimate the influence of the Internet Marketing. We can see online marketing from the brand perspective; it is a revolutionary amplifier spread for its low-cost but popular feature. The online marketing tools have used to be built enterprises’ brand.

1Why should choose Internet as the bridge to build the brand?

What makes so many enterprises to build up their brand so quickly? This own to the contribution of the Internet for marketing.

  • First of all. Internet reduces the communication costs. It unlike the traditional media, enterprises need to spend lots of manpower and sources to communicate and execute. There are lots of network communication tools, some of them are free. Therefore, the functions of online marketing bring a huge revolution just as the television from 10 years ago.
  • Moreover, internet communication has interactive features, which enable two-way communication between businesses and customers. The enterprise can understand the customers’ idea, like and their behaviors and make a right online marketing strategy.
  • Finally, the development of ecommerce broaden the marketing channel, small businesses don’t need to spend much funds and human cost, they can sale their products or service without paying money to hypermarket or distribute by agent.

2How to use common online marketing communication tools to create brand?

How can we start our online marketing? We should set the product position at first, ensure the target consumers. After that, we can make the effective communication plan, use online marketing tools rational. So what are the tools can we use?

  • Official website——If you going to sell your product or service online, it is necessary to have the enterprise’s official website. A good official website has huge influence to the enterprise, because a good looking and elegant website shows the respect to your customer or not.
  • Industry Website——Enterprise can promote the company’s reputation by establish the industry website or publish advertorial. Or you can also collaborate with industry websites into advertising, preparation of soft paper and other ways to achieve publicity, but it takes advertising costs
  • Blog——you can set up the official blog and use others to promote your brand information.
  • Social network——Social network not only achieve the two-way communication between businesses and costumers, but also make word-of-mouth marketing popular. The development of social network has a nice prospect. The main social networks have Facebook, Renren and Weibo.
  • Bidding rank—— The bidding rank help enterprise to advertise their brand. Baidu, Google, Bling and Sogou are the mainly search engine in China.
  • Online advertising——Similar to TV commercial promote brand in the appropriate websites.