Will Alipay use Smile to Pay ?eCommerce Website

On March 16th , the founder of Alibaba Group Jack Ma shown Alipay new function at the CeBIT exhibition, Germany. He bought a Hanover commemorative stamp of 1948 at Taobao and used his phone to brush his face to finish the payment.
This kind of new payment called Smile to Pay. After users select products will enter the payment system, the brush face page will appear after confirm the payment, the user can authentication in the backstage support by way of taking picture and than it will show you the successful payment. In addition, Alipay is going to create other ways to finish payment .For example sound wave, palm print, keyboard, handwriting to recognize payment. Jack Ma said you will able to use any part of your body to recognized payment in the future in Alipay.

The Smile to Pay of Alipay cooperative R&D by Anti Group and Face ++.The face recognition technical can identify photo automatically. The Face++ technical can achieve security check, VIP recognition, face login and many other feature.